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770 Embought Road
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Fire Prevention Day

Students explore fire truck with help from firefighterCatskill Elementary School held our annual Fire Prevention Day on October 14th. Over twenty firefighters from the Catskill Fire Department, Kiskatom Fire Department, and Palenville Fire Department visited our school to show the students their firetrucks and other firefighting equipment. They also shared information on how to prevent fires and what to do if there is ever a fire emergency. Special thanks to these volunteers for making Fire Prevention Day an exciting event our students enjoy, and for helping to keep our communities safe.  


Life Cycle of the Monarch Butterfly

monarch larvaEarly in the school year Andrew D. Randazzo from Cornell Cooperative Extension came to Catskill Elementary to speak to
third graders about the Monarch Butterfly Life Cycle. As part of their Citizen Science program Mrs. Tedford’s science classes were
given Monarch larvae to observe and care for. The project lasted
for over a month, during which the children watched their larvae
eat, grow, and turn into butterflies. In October, the students
released their adult butterflies into the wild.

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3rd Graders Put Pen to Paper to Mark Constitution Day

image of constitutionMr. Rice and Mrs. Tedford’s third grade classes celebrated Constitution Day by drafting their own constitution for their classrooms. Constitution Day commemorates the signing of our nation's Constitution in Philadelphia, PA on September 17, 1787. The fifty-seven delegates who signed the original document hailed from all over the newly formed United States of America and had worked together for four months to design a framework for our government that we still use today. At CES, the children began by working in committees to brainstorm rules for a fair, peaceful, protected, and happy classroom for all. Read full article...


Catskill Community Center Before-School Care at CES

Catskill Community Center is delighted to offer a new program serving the youth and families of Catskill Elementary School. This program is open to students in grades Kindergarten through 5 at CES.
For a minimal fee of $5 a day ($2.50 per each additional student in same family), from 7:15 am to 8:30 am on school days the Catskill Community Center will care for your student in the Catskill Elementary School Cafeteria. There is a minimum registration of 15 students for us to provide this program. Space is limited, Register ASAP!

Download Registration Here... Submit registration via mail to Catskill Community Center, P.O. Box 389, Catskill, NY 12414 or in-person at 344 Main St, Catskill during regular business hours.


Catskill CSD’s Status and Plans for the Future

Federal Law requires that school districts provide notification to parents regarding the accountability status of our District. Click HERE to read a letter that will outline for you the system of accountability for New York’s schools, Catskill CSD’s status and our plans for the future. Click HERE to read the letter in Spanish.



Telephone Directory



Telephone (518)

Principal PreK-5

John Rivers

943-0574 ext. 3306

Assistant Principal PreK-5

Lisa Schlenker

943-0574 ext. 3309

Guidance  Counselor

Marlene Merchant

943-0574 ext. 3117


Bonnie Garden

Patricia Brand

943-0574 ext. 3189

943-0574 ext. 3189

Social Worker

Ela Kessel

943-0574 ext. 3232

Social Worker

Jenifer Oswald

943-0574 ext..3178