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345 West Main St., Catskill, NY 12414
Main Telephone: 518-943-5665 Fax: 518-943-3001

Catskill Middle School 
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Click here to access the Catskill Middle School Promotion & Retention Policy, Grades 6,7 & 8

Click here to access Sports Page

Click here to access the Student Code of Conduct.

Click here to access the Comprehensive Attendance Policy.

Click here to access the Academic Eligibility Policy for Athletics and Extra Curricular Activities

Click here to access the Catskill Music Parent and Student Association Website

Click here to access the Booster Club Website.

Click here for Catskill CSD Cyberbullying Website and click here for CMS Student Council

Catskill Central School District’s Status and Plans for the Future

Dear Parents and Guardians:

Federal Law requires that school districts provide notification to parents regarding the accountability status of our District.  Click HERE to read a letter that will outline for you the system of accountability for New York’s schools, Catskill CSD’s status and our plans for the future. Click HERE to read the letter in Spanish.

Click here for APPR Parental Disclosure Requirements and form.

Criteria for Honor Roll:

Superior Average between 90 – 100 with no grade below an 85

Honor Average between 85 – 89 with no grade below an 80

Merit Average between 80 – 84 with no grade below an 75

Telephone Directory



Telephone (518)


& Director of Technology PreK-12

Cheryl Rabinowitz 943-5665 ext. 1301

Principal for Behavior Management/Discipline Grades 6-12

Marielena Hauser

943-5665 ext. 2102


Sue Weber

Holly Hebb

943-5665 ext. 2109

943-2300 ext. 2111

Athletic Director

Eric Joyce

943-0574 ext. 3104

Library Media Specialists

Nancy Kunz & Nancy Thackaberry

943-5665 ext. 2164

Guidance Counselor

Beth Daly

943-5665 ext. 1354

School Social Worker

Susan  Sorkin

943-5665 ext. 1317


Bettina Young

943-5665 ext. 1361

Director of Special Ed. PreK-12

Yvonne Waters

943-0574 ext.3305

Coordinator of Transportation &
Food Services PreK-12

Bill Muirhead

943-4550 ext 1472

Director of Facilities PreK-12

John Willabay

943-2300 ext 1447

Supervisor of CSE/CPSE PreK-12 Mary Alice Hipwell 943-0574 ext..3233